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Lance Free was just bored one night in the 7th grade when he made his first beat. Growing up in Brampton, Ontario, he went through the motions of school but didn’t care much for the predictable and linear path he was supposed to follow. Instead, for hours and hours, he just made beats, wrote songs and produced for other artists. Now, he’s taking his collective knowledge and applying it to his personal repertoire.


With elements of electronic, pop, r&b, dance and hip hop music, Lance has been influenced by a plethora of sound and masterfully intertwines them to create something fully realized. Working with natural and artificial instruments, this reflects his minimalist aesthetic with natural ideals but weaves in his strong love and fondness for technology and in its ever-evolving progressions.


With autobiographical components, mixed with nostalgia and reflexivity, Lance can make a song about a bright-orange sunset and transport the listener to their own past moment of feeling the sun, who they were with, and the sounds and smells in that memory. Close your eyes and slide ever so softly into his nod to the vintage psychedelic vibes and you’ll find the same sunset Lance is basking in.


Lance’s music is moments reflected in the multi-layers and genres he transposes into his art. While he can take a listener through the past, other songs persist with existential pondering of the future. These moments extend to the normal human condition but with an understanding that love, sexuality, anxiety, & spirituality, are intensely singular and personal emotions. There is not a touch of self-indulgence in Lance’s music; it feeds his soul and brings the listener closer to him as they experience the same moment, with vastly different perspectives and emotions.



Full Discorgraphy Can Be Found Here.



Lance Free - Dimes (Preview)
Lance Free - Ranger (Preview)
Lance Free - June (Preview)
Lance Free - Cartier (Preview)


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Phone: (905) 783-0684

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